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Magnolia Heart Nanny Services is currently providing qualified awareness nannies in and around six cities in the state of Georgia.  No matter where you are located, you can be confident that there is a qualified Magnolia Heart Nanny ready to meet the unique needs of your family.

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It takes time to place our nannies in the right homes for the right families, and proper placement ranges from as little as 3 weeks to as much as 3 months! If your family is ready for a Magnolia Heart Nanny, register now and get the placement process started!

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About Us

With a genuine passion for the safety, well being, and happiness of children and their families, Magnolia Heart Nanny Services was founded by Nicole Wrice, a mother of 7, and a military wife of 19 years.  Magnolia Heart Nanny Services provides certified and highly qualified nannies to Military Families, senior citizens, and families with a need for expert nanny care.

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