Our Service Packages

Magnolia Heart Nanny Services offers a package to suit the needs of every family.  We know your family is unique.  Our Placement Specialists are committed to finding the perfect Nanny to care for your children.

Magnolia VIP Package

The Magnolia Heart VIP Package is for families who are not located in any of our service areas in Georgia, but still desire the complete Magnolia Platinum service.  For a family with the VIP Package, we will perform a customized recruitment of Nannies in your state by placing ads and conducting multiple interviews to hand select the perfect Nanny for you.  The CEO and her staff will personally travel (VIP Package price varies based on travel expenses) to your state and assist you with the comprehensive screening process and interviewing Nanny Candidates.  We will provide completely customized contract Service, 90-day replacement service as well as removal service (if necessary).

Magnolia Platinum Package

This Magnolia Platinum is a full service package that not only provides all of the features of the Magnolia Gold Package, but it also includes additional advertising for a Nanny specifically for your family (if we don’t have the perfect Magnolia approved Nanny already in our database).  Magnolia Platinum gives the family access to Float Nannies (who are fully screened and ready to fill in if your nanny is sick or on vacation or unavailable for any reason) and a 90 day replacement service (if you are unhappy with your live-in or Full-time Nanny for any reason in the first 90 days, will find you a replacement for no additional charge).  This is the best option for families who want Magnolia Heart Nanny Services’ personalized and professional service to be with you every step of the way.  Let us make the process of choosing a Nanny seamless and stress-free.

Magnolia Gold Package

The Magnolia Gold is for families who don’t have time to spend hours searching through the database reading Nanny profiles, but would rather discuss their specific needs with our Placement Specialists and interview only those Nannies we’ve selected to be a good match for their family.  You still have access to our database full of Magnolia approved Nannies, and we perform extra checks (social security number verification, check the national sex offender registry, drug record check) before the Nanny you select starts working with your children.  We create a customized contract between you and your Nanny to address all duties and expectations, as well as salary and compensation package.  Contract services are required for all Live-in nanny, Full-time nanny, Family-share Nanny, and Travel nanny.  We recommend a contract for all other nannies as well.  Contract services do not need to be completed in person.

Magnolia Silver Package

The Magnolia Silver Package is a basic package for families who would like access to the Nanny Database to select a Magnolia dedicated nanny.  You can rest assured that Magnolia Heart Nanny Services is highly selective when choosing Nannies to join our team.  With the Magnolia Silver Package, you will receive a one-year membership to have access to our database of Nannies who have completed a comprehensive screening process to become Magnolia Approved.  All Nannies must pass a criminal background check and a driver’s record check.  We evaluate their education and childcare experience and verify all references.  All Nannies are CPR certified, awareness-trained and have taken the Magnolia Heart Nanny Pledge.

($5999 - $8999)
$1499 / Sale $1199)
($799 / Sale $599)
$599 / Sale ($399)
Agency Fee
CPR Certification
Criminal Background Check
Reference Check
Drivers’ Record Check (DMV)
Drug Screening
Sex Offender Background Check
SSN Check
Two Interviews
Two Interviews
(In-Person/ Teleconference)
One Interview
Education Verification
Guaranteed Nanny Replacement First 120 Days
***Emergency Float Nanny Service
Nanny Pledge
Contract Preparation
Nanny Awareness Training
24-hour Hotline Access
Access Nanny Data Base
Access to CEO
Background Check (Clients)
Nanny Removal Service / Removal Letter
CEO Travel Expense (hotel, airline tickets, rental, etc.)

About Us

With a genuine passion for the safety, well being, and happiness of children and their families, Magnolia Heart Nanny Services was founded by Nicole Wrice, a mother of 7, and a military wife of 19 years.  Magnolia Heart Nanny Services provides certified and highly qualified nannies to Military Families, senior citizens, and families with a need for expert nanny care.

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