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Magnolia Heart Nanny Services

Magnolia Heart Nanny Service only refers the most qualified, trustworthy Nannies to meet the childcare needs of our families. Our Nannies are enthusiastic, trustworthy, and reliable professionals who have a genuine love for the nurturing and care of children. Magnolia Heart Nanny Service is a full-service agency that can do the work for you, ensuring that adding a Nanny to your family will be a seamless process! We offer a variety of plans to provide as much (or as little) support as you need to find the Nanny of your dreams! Every client has unique needs. We are committed to connecting families to the Nanny that meet’s YOUR family’s specific needs!

Types Of Nannies

At Magnolia Heart Nanny Services, we understand that no two families are the same.  That’s why we offer a variety of professional, awareness-trained nannies to meet the unique needs of YOUR family.  All of our Nannies are enthusiastic, trustworthy, and reliable professionals who have a genuine passion for the care of children.  Magnolia Heart Nanny Services is committed to finding a nanny perfectly suited for your family. Let your child bloom with us.

Nanny Packages

Magnolia Heart Nanny Services offers a package to suit the needs of every family.  We know your family is unique.  Our Placement Specialists are committed to finding the perfect Nanny to care for your children.

Military Services

Magnolia Heart Nanny Services’ founder, Nicole, has been a military spouse for over 18 years.  She personally knows the struggle military families face dealing with PCS relocations, separations and deployments, irregular duty hours, starting over without a support system of family or friends…on top of common problems all parents face when looking for quality childcare for their most precious jewels.

Senior Travel Services

Traveling can be overwhelming under the best circumstances, but for seniors, elderly, those with disabilities or medical issues, it can seem particularly unmanageable.  It doesn’t have to be with Magnolia Heart Senior Care Travel Services.  Let us take care of everything to ensure your trip is safe and stress-free from start to finish.

About Us

With a genuine passion for the safety, well being, and happiness of children and their families, Magnolia Heart Nanny Services was founded by Nicole Wrice, a mother of 7, and a military wife of 19 years.  Magnolia Heart Nanny Services provides certified and highly qualified nannies to Military Families, senior citizens, and families with a need for expert nanny care.

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